What will 2017 hold for Office Design?

What will 2017 hold for Office Design?

The key to worker engagement in 2017 will once again focus on the employee.

Where you work will most certainly affect how productive you and your team are. From the temperature of your office, to where your desk is located, such factors contribute to how collaborative you are.

According to Entrepreneur, Stephanie Douglas, director of workplace strategy at Teknion, a design firm that specializes in office spaces, says that going into 2017, “much of the dialogue around workplace has focused on the ‘things’ — space, furniture, technology, policies — and we’re seeing the conversation shift to really focus back on the employee.”

Additionally, 2017 may see increasingly popular trends such as;

  • More communal and collaborative spacing
  • Personalised lighting
  • More workplaces promoting staying active

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