Tips to Find the right Office Furniture

Tips to Find the right Office Furniture

Initially, finding furniture for your office may sound like a simple task. According to Life Hack, office design directly affects your ability to focus and be productive. It’s said that a well designed office can increase your productivity by around 20%.

As a business, you should focus on function. First and foremost, you should identify how many desks and chairs you will need as well as other workplace essentials you may need to purchase. Before buying furniture, you should take into account support and comfortability, as in today’s workplace most of us are sitting down for the majority of the day.

Importantly, your business should take into account the future. As an employer, ask yourself questions such as; Will your business be expanding? Will you employ more staff? Will this result in a need for more office space and essentials?

Likewise, the furniture should match the décor to leave employees and visitors alike, impressed. This may ensure a long-lasting, positive first impression!

If your business is separated by departments – mix it up. This may not only help with differentiation, but also functional needs. An example of this would be – a marketing team may need room for a telephone, computer and paperwork space, whilst in contrast a creative team may need drawing tables.

Lastly, make sure everything in your office is uncluttered. Use storage and desk space to create a workspace which is habitable. Having a tidy office and desk space not only creates a positive personal image, but also promotes a positive company image and may even benefit your health! A buildup of dust, lint and pollen can create breathing hazards for everyone in the office, triggering asthma attacks, stuffy noses and other uncomfortable health issues – according to a recent article.