Top Tips for Cleanliness in the Office

Top Tips for Cleanliness in the Office


For many of us, the office can be thought of as a second home – which makes keeping it clean and tidy extra important. Not only will this make your office a cleaner environment to be in, but it can also make morale a little better and can contribute to a better working atmosphere around the office. Have a look at the following tips below to see how you can improve the level of cleanliness in your office.


Make a schedule and stick to it


Once you spend enough time in an office environment, you will understand the need to delegate work across employees evenly. This principle can also be kept when cleaning in your office, and you will come to appreciate if the cleaning isn’t scheduled properly then it may never get done. You can try get this across to your colleagues by agreeing to share the tasks around and keep varying the tasks that everyone has to do, so everybody gets an appreciation for the effort required to keep a clean office.


Get the Basic Office Supplies

You may find that getting everyone to clean will be fairly difficult to do, but if you have all the equipment there ready for them to use then it gives less of an excuse if they try to back out from it. The key supplies you will need are:


A disinfectant surface spray

Clean cloth to wipe down surfaces

A dust pan and brush

Detergent and sponges

Mop and bucket

Vacuum cleaner


Don’t Miss Any Spots


There are many areas in the office which will see little action, and these areas are just as important as the other ones in the office when it comes to cleaning. This is because you can suddenly get areas which are extremely dirty and become harder to clean, so you would want to overcome this by ensuring that whoever is in charge of cleaning that day knows that every spot needs to be cleaned.


Take out the garbage every afternoon


This is one of the most obvious aspects of cleaning an office, but it is arguably the most important to ensure complete cleanliness. When a bin is left full overnight, it can increase the likelihood of pests coming into the office and if there is leftover food in there you will start to get fly’s arriving. Therefore, you want to make sure that at end of each day a member of the team takes the garbage out on their way out of the office.