SHARE IT pod arrives at KRIS Furniture

SHARE IT pod arrives at KRIS Furniture

There is a new arrival in Ikon Furniture’s showroom

outside techo pod 1

We welcome the SHARE IT Pod from Techo’s Multizone range of stylish and innovative spaces to benefit business and staff members with the day to day needs and requirements of any business.


The SHARE IT Pod is a flexible and mobile space which enables businesses to modernises and upgrade their office space to accommodate the needs of meetings, phone calls, presentations while being undisturbed in a large, busy office of colleagues

The Share It is a mobile multimedia shared space includes many features that will benefit any business and office space. The features include:

  • A very comfortable seating area.

inside techo pod 3

  • Light imitating natural daylight with adjustable intensity. Studies have found that natural light is proven to be a factor in workplaces becoming more productive.
  • Acoustic Panels to block out background noise as well as keeping noise inside the pod. As the panels are designed with certain materials, it will absorb ambient noise. These panels will also aid concentration amongst staff members.


  • A sliding table top which gives flexibility in creating a better space for users of the pod. For example if there is a small number of staff members, it can be brought forward to utilise the space better. If there is a larger number of people in the pod, it can be moved backwards to create more space and comfort.
  • A LCD TV screen is provided to enable information be presented in a professional manner in a busy business environment.04
  • A wireless or cable system for sharing device information to the LCD TV screen is also available which gives the option for businesses to use the pod for sharing ideas easily with staff members and presenting an idea to the rest of the team again with a click of a button.



  • A shared planning calendar which is installed on the pod via a tablet makes organising and keeping track of meetings a lot easier.


The SHARE IT pod can be made so that it fits in with the rest of the business interior as well as being designed in the corporate colours which makes it an impressive element to any business’ office.

For more details on how to get a SHARE IT pod for your business, email us or call us 0161 359 3229.