New products just added…

New products just added…

KRIS have some amazing new furniture being added to the website.

There are new additions to soft seating including the Huggi range. This style of soft seating is similar to other pods available by KRIS by providing a degree of privacy for an informal meeting, or even comfort away from distraction of a busy office.











Each Huggi is made of modules which can be assembled in endless configurations to personalise to the space available as well as being personalised to specific requirements. Ideal for any office environment!



A new style of chair has also arrived onto the website, the Nero Chair!


nero-3m_800The Nero chair can be mounted onto a varied amount of bases which compliments the single block shell that gives the shape to the seat. Also available in different colours.










Another new favourite is the Acoustic Ceiling Panels which benefit environments by improving the quality of sound and keep noise levels contained within that environment.


Ceiling Baffles 3

Also available in multiple colours and a design to suit any business.


Let us know if you have seen anything you like from our products page and we can see what we can do for you and your business.