How Office Furniture Can Increase Productivity

How Office Furniture Can Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity in the office for you and your business can only take a few simple steps. Here at KRIS, we can help by including the following factors:

Clutter Free

An organised office space and clutter free means it becomes more functional for all staff members! Making staff members less irritated by having to clear up as they work and lose interest in the task at hand. Therefore having as much storage in the correct areas of the office is important. Check out our Personalized Tambour Storage Units that can be designed with your business’s logo and colour to really give that professional look as well as making it easier for all staff members to be clean and tidy.



Bright colours

A range of bright colours in the office will uplift spirits of staff members while brightening the office environment. The presence of bright colours in the office can alleviate stress, as well as increase productivity. Our V & T Range Desks are an easy and ideal way to inject more colour into the office. 

T Range



Less sitting around

A series of studies have found that there is a decreased chance of getting life changing illnesses such as diabetes, obesity etc by decreasing the amount of time a staff member is spent sat down. Therefore if the amount of time an average person spends sitting down is reduced by a small number each day, their life expectancy would increase by a couple of years.

To get your staff members up and about instead of lounging around in 9am meetings, increase your staff’s productivity by using a Stand up Pod. These pods can increase activity for staff members throughout the day with both formal and informal meetings which is key to staying energised and keeping everyone fully charged.



Designated Areas

Separating areas within the workplace enables a balance for employees to dedicate time for work and then time enabling time out of a more relaxed environment. For example the use of a Charlie Pod which includes a TV and Pluto Pods suitable for staff members to take time out as a team on breaks or even to create a different environments for informal meetings. The Charlie Pod lets employees charge devices while transferring data through to the TV for presentations increasing engagement and productivity.  


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