Go green in the workplace!

Go green in the workplace!

Bringing greenery into the workplace gives a number of benefits to people working in them day in, day out.

The Guardian reported that plants in the office increase happiness and productivity. Dr Chris Knight from Exeter University and team of psychologists found over a 10 year study that employees were 15% more productive when workplaces are filled with just a few houseplants.

The team of psychologists even visited a number of offices around the world including the Netherlands and London to show even the smallest amount of input of greenery could rapidly improve performance.

Even a slight change of green space such as the introduction of one plant per square metre, employee performance and other basic tests improved significantly. Plants can even improve memory retention!

Dr Chris Knight commented on the findings of his study “What was important was that everybody could see a plant from their desk. If you are working in an environment where there’s something to get you psychologically engaged you are happier and you work better”.

Other studies have found more benefits of plants in the workplace:

  • Reduces Stress – One study found that when plants were located in the office tension, anxiety. and even anger had a reduction of 46%.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – Not just psychological effects have been found from plants, but lowered blood pressure are proven in being surrounded by greenery
  • Reduces Sickness and Absence –  It has been reported minor illness is reduced by 30% while absenteeism is reduced by 50%!
  • Cleaner Air – According to studies introducing a ratio of 1 plant per 3 employees, CO2 is reduced by 50% as well as reduction in bacteria, dust and mould.


Psychologists have also found while green plants have a positive effect on productivity, even photographs, smells or changes in light can be used to create a similar effect.

It has also been proven that minimalist offices produce miserable employees!

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