A 3 Step Guide To Giving Your Office a Makeover

A 3 Step Guide To Giving Your Office a Makeover

There is no doubt that productivity and office furniture are inextricably linked.  Therefore, we have concluded a three step guide to giving your office that perfect makeover.

Firstly, the type of desk chair you use can have a massive impact on the way you work. According to a recent study, one researcher found that the proper desk chair helped him sit comfortably for seven to eight hours, as opposed to his previous two, he no longer had upper middle-back pain, and he had better output whilst working. So, why is comfort important? Apart from simply making your day more enjoyable, a comfortable office chair is important for your health. One of the main reasons for back pain is the use of wrong office chairs.  Our ‘X Chair’ can provide an affordable, comfortable solution!


Secondly, a desk. Having the right desk in your workplace can really improve your work ethic and may impact productivity, as found in recent articles. On the contrary, having the wrong office desk may make your life miserable. Make sure you take into account functionality, storage, size and colour to ensure the furniture you do choose fits in with your workplace. You check out our ‘V Range’ today.

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And last but not least, the utilisation of your office space. A meeting booth or a pod is a great way to do this. Despite being an effective way to have meetings, catch up or conduct interviews, these simple solutions allow businesses to utilise office space. Visit our website to see more of our booths and pods.

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