5 Office Trends Worth Looking Out For

5 Office Trends Worth Looking Out For

With new trends appearing and disappearing all the time, it’s hard to keep up! Nowadays, more and more companies are creating stimulating and innovative workspaces. Luckily we’re here to help with office trends that are worth looking out for.

1. Designated Break Out Areas

One of the most upcoming trends is break out spaces. In other words, when staff have a change of scenery, it de-stresses and relaxes. It can also stimulate creativity and enhance productivity.

2. Flexible Layouts

The way in which we work is constantly changing, and innovative companies are beginning to recognise the importance of having room to expand. Many offices are now beginning to get rid of permanent layouts in favour of more flexible design solutions.

3. Less Is More

Workplaces are now becoming more clean and simple, with the aim of creating more efficient spaces. In recent years minimalism has become a bit of a buzzword, and its unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

4. Multi-Purpose Spaces

Well known companies like Google and Facebook are known for designing innovative, multi-purpose workspaces. Rather than having one space to work, design experts are seeing a shift towards open plan spaces.

5.  Bringing Nature Indoors

Many companies are now bringing the outdoors in. The use of plants and flowers are here to stay!!