Trends : Using Orange Without Being Overbearing

Trends : Using Orange Without Being Overbearing

Orange is in again this summer. The bright citrus shade as a key hue in interiors at home, commercially and in the leisure sector. Psychologically, the colour orange promotes feelings of fun, joy, and playfulness, encouraging social interaction and ease – lending itself very well to interior spaces.

It can, however, be overdone. It can also be done badly.

Here are our tips on using orange well in office interiors. 


Adding pops of orange in your seating is a great way of using the colour to brighten up dull spaces. Typically, chairs (especially task seating), is simple, plains and generally lacklustre. By incorporating colour through your chairs, you can liven up a space and keep it on trend, without committing fully as you may have to with a more permanent fixture.

Feature Walls

Using a block colour on one wall works well in most spaces. If your space is large and airy, then it’s unlikely it can’t be pulled off. While you need to ensure the other colours within the space are muted, (think monochrome, navy and grey), a pop of orange can really transform the mood of a room.

Office Booths

Meeting booths exist largely to spark creatively, and to help employees socialise and interact. As mentioned, the colour orange evokes feelings of fun and encouraged social interaction and ease. By opting for orange booths, you may be boosting creativity as well as adding a splash of on-trend colour to your space. 

Acoustic Panneling

Another great way of bringing a pop of colour into your space in via your choice of acoustic panels. Orange is a great choice, again because of it’s psychological qualities.

Lighting and Accessories

Not ready to commit to orange? Why not try a few accenting the colour with a few lamp shades or soft furnishings such as cushions? Even a bright vase or ornament can brighten up a space.

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