Trending: Spring 2018 colours

Trending: Spring 2018 colours

Colours come in and out of fashion like everything else in the world. At the start of every year, the colour geniuses over at Pantone put together their top shades for each season of those upcoming 12 months. So if you’re thinking of renovating your interior, let’s take a look at the hottest hues of spring 2018.

Lime punch

Brightly coloured shades may have previously been on your no-no list, but this neon yellow shade with just a hint of green is definitely on our list. Highlighter hues can be used to make a statement in your room or to create a focal point in your furniture. It’s a whole world away from the pastel shade that you see in spring, but we’re excited for this refreshing change.

Cherry tomato

Not exactly the shade you’d expect to see on a list of must-have spring colour, but the bold and brash cherry tomato red is the hottest here. It’s not just a straight red though, it has orange tints which make it ideal for adding a splash of warm colour to a living room or even a bedroom.

Cornflower blue

This little boy blue shade may seem a little twee, but this particular innocent looking shade can look gorgeous when incorporated into a bedroom. But this hue isn’t the only one we saw on the catwalk, as the entire blue spectrum was popular this season from the deep cobalt and royals to the lighter duck egg blue.


Subtle peachy tones have always been a fairly standard choice for spring colours, but this pale pink is reminiscent of antique silk lingerie and the kind of Hollywood glamour that we just don’t see any more. It’s the perfect fabric colour to incorporate into your bedroom.

Pink lavender

This gorgeous shade first made an appearance in the autumn/winter season of 2017, but it’s light and airy and ideal for a spring collection. It goes perfectly when it’s paired with a mix of pastels, neutrals and even vibrant shades – it’s ideal for every combination.

Ultra violet

This stunning shade of purple is the perfect way to incorporate ingenuity and originality into your interior design. It’s so much more than a purple; it’s a complex and distinctive shade that includes hints of others throughout to create something intriguing and unique.

Ash rose

This gorgeous and feminine shade is incredibly captivating. A wonderful combination of earthy and sophisticated, it brings a whole new dimension to whichever room you incorporate it into. We think this shade will look glorious in a living room.

Spiced apple

Usually a shade you’d only associate with autumn, spiced apple features a stunning red hues with subtle brown undertones. It’s undoubtedly a warm, engaging and truly wholesome colour that adds a delicious flavour to your home. We think this colour would work perfectly as a statement armchair piece.

Meadowlark yellow

Last, but certainly not least, it’s the delightful shade of meadowlark yellow. Confident, bold and outgoing, this yellow shade embodies everything that we love about spring, from the emerging sunshine to the glorious colour of daffodils emerging from the ground.