Trending: Scandinavian

Trending: Scandinavian

It may have first appeared a couple of years ago, but the Scandinavian interior design trend is one that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. And while 2018 may have been the year that bright and funky colours re-emerged into our homes and offices, the minimalist yet chic Scandi style is one that we just can’t help but love. Here’s how to bring a touch of the Scandinavian into your world.

Natural light

One of the most important features in a Scandi interior is to let in as much natural light as possible. Research has shown that natural light helps people feel calmer, more relaxed and even more productive – so that’s even more motivation if you’re revamping your office. It also helps with vitamin D exposure; there’s really no downside. So open those curtains wide and pull up the blinds, let the sun shine in.


Now when we say minimalism here, we don’t mean having the bare minimum in your home or office. You’ll see later on that another important feature of Scandinavian interior design is making the place feel more homely. Minimalism in the Scandi trend is all about crisp, neutral colours like white, off-white and grey, and more about keeping things simple in your decor rather than going overboard and ending up with a sensory overload.

Try not to go too far with your furniture either. Plain and simple chairs, tables, armchairs and couches that do the job but aren’t too fancy will fit right in with the Scandinavian theme. Need a little inspiration? One of our favourite pieces is the Form Armchair by Normann Copenhagen. It ticks the minimalist box in terms of both design and colour, and the wooden elements bring nature inside, which we’ll talk about more in a bit.


Whether you’re an interior design buff or not, you’ve probably come across the word ‘hygge’ at some point.  Pronounced ‘hue-gah’, this Danish word refers to a feeling of calmness, warmth and cosiness, and it’s also a big, and lovely, part of Scandinavian interior design. Even if you follow minimalism closely, that doesn’t automatically mean that things have to be too cold.

Hygge involves creating a warm and relaxing environment where people feel safe and at home, even if they’re not. So how can you do this? Textures are a good way to achieve this – blankets and throws draped across the back of sofas, fluffy cushions, and even a few candles dotted around. Stacks of books, plants and photographs are just a few other delightful ways to achieve this sense of hygge.

Back to nature

Last but certainly not least, to achieve the ultimate Scandi look, it’s time to bring the outdoors in. Not just with plants, although small succulents and cacti or huge ferns and cheese plants are a massive part of this, but also with other parts of nature too. Try to include other elements of nature such as wood – this is incredibly easy to do with things like coffee tables, bowls and ornaments. Stone can also be easy to do as you could combine two in one and root your new indoor plants in them. And feathers are another good option; you can opt for ornaments or small clay sculptures of feathers rather than the real thing – no need to go hunting for ones dropped in your garden!