Trending: Autumn 2018 colours

Trending: Autumn 2018 colours

We all know that there are certain kinds of colours that come back in full force when Autumn rolls around. It’s hard not to rely on these shades when we see them bloom all around us in nature, but we’re sure there are a few on this year’s list that may surprise you.

Every year, Pantone unveils their Fashion Colour Trend Report for the Autumn/Winter season, in advance of London Fashion Week, which features their top seasonal colour choices that we can expect to see on the catwalks. That, in turn, inspires fashion, design and home decor trends; and the latter is where we come in. So if you’re planning to decorate your home for the season, take a look at this gorgeous inspiration.

1. Russet Orange

A deep, rich and welcoming shade that is perfectly at home in the Autumnal season. It calls to mind images of thick and natural carpets of fallen leaves.

2. Red Pear

A deep and delicious red that has you falling head over heels. Trust us, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the luscious hues.

3. Martini Olive

Is there anything more sophisticated and smooth than a martini? This shade draws inspiration from the iconic olive that sits oh-so-innocently inside the glass. The shade of green adds a huge amount of depth to this latest palette.

4. Meerkat

Whoever said brown was boring? This neutral shade comes to life in a toast-like hue that is incredibly adaptable for home decor.

5. Mellow Rose

An usual addition to an Autumn/Winter palette, Mellow Rose is a pale and dusty pink that throws a delightful curveball our way.

6. Crocus Petal

Similar to the previous shade, which added an unexpected bit of summer into the mix, Crocus Petal is a gorgeously refined and cultivated hue that brings a touch of spring to your home decor.

7. Valiant Poppy

Flipping this collection of colours back around, Valiant Poppy is a brave, bold and outgoing shade of deep red that is almost elusive.

8. Limelight

Reminiscent of the sherbet treats we all used to enjoy as children, the bright yellow-green of limelight could easily become the centre of your new decorating plans.

9. Nebulas Blue

This shade brings to mind a deep twilight sky. All that’s missing is silver stars dotted throughout.

10. Pink Peacock

Bright, bold and dramatic. Peacock Pink is an incredibly experimental colour to include in the palette, but it fits in perfectly and will look gorgeous in any autumnal-themed home.