Top Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

Top Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you’ve ever looked around your home or office and thought that it needed a revamp, then you’re certainly not alone. But it’s easy to decide on needing a lick of paint or a rearrange, but deciding on exactly how you want the place to look? Well, that’s more difficult.

Fortunately, the internet is full of inspiration nowadays. And what better place to start than a platform based solely on photographs? Instagram is a wonderful place filled with millions of images for every taste and style under the sun. No matter what you love about interior design, there’s something for everyone out there.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up eight of the best interior design Instagram accounts that you need to be following.

1. @nataliemeyers

Sensible yet surprising; exactly how we would describe the interior stylings and ideas of designer, Natalie Myers. Given her reputation for modern minimalism with a delightful twist, we weren’t surprised to be ‘wowed’ when we first laid eyes on her Insta account. If you’re looking for something a little more high-end but that isn’t afraid to have some fun along the way, hit the follow button.

2. @housebeautiful

House Beautiful has an incredible reputation for pioneering stunning interior designs; you would expect as much given the title. No matter what style you prefer – whether it’s something a little more country and cottage-y or you like things sleek and minimalist – there’ll be something you’ll adore within their glorious feed.

3. @jonathanadler

For something a little weird and wonderful, from someone who definitely thinks outside the box, you’ll love Jonathan Adler. His Instagram feed is an explosion of bold colour and a true wonderland of mesmerising patterns. His brick-and-mortar stores are exactly the same. Spend a little time scrolling through his pictures, and you’ll come away with a plethora of ideas to inject some personality and creativity into your home.

4. @contemporary_life

Not an “official” account connected to any publication, but the Swedish Melia has gathered over 13,000 followers for the candid ways she shares the most beautifully styled corners of her life and home. From indoor plants creeping along the walls to perfectly positioned prints hanging beside them, get ready to experience some serious house envy.

5. @fiona_michelon_stylist

Gorgeous vibrant colours, a contemporary style and an aesthetic that will keep you busy scrolling for hours on end. Fiona Michelon is an interior design whose photos will have you captivated from the moment you click the follow button. She provides incredible inspiration and motivation to create a beautiful and chic interior in an easy and accessible manner.

6. @em_henderson

It appears that a list of the best interior designers on social media wouldn’t be complete with mentioning Emily Henderson, as she crops up all over the place. If you’re looking for ways to update your home even in the smallest and most subtle of ways, then this is the best place to start. All the creations you see in her feed have been designed by her, and she includes handy tips and tricks on how you can apply her ideas to your own spaces. Another plus, her Insta-stories are super fun to watch.

7. @homeyohmy

We’ve talked a bit about minimalism in this piece, but this Instagram account takes simplicity to a whole new level. If you think that the classic colour combination of black and white can never be beaten, then you’ll want to hit Amy Kim’s follow button as soon as possible. She pairs contemporary patterns with smooth and clean cut lines to create something timeless and striking.

8. @lexiwestergard_design

Modern doesn’t always equal minimalist. Contemporary can also be warm, comfortable and cosy, which is exactly what you’ll find on the Instagram feed of designer Lexi Westergard. Her account is refined enough to be that of a professional, but also pretty enough to show off her personality. Her designs are both chic and inviting, as well as the perfect combination of high-end and homely.