Picking a Colour Scheme for your Restaurant. 

Picking a Colour Scheme for your Restaurant. 

There is a lot more to colour than you might initially think. Colours affect a whole range of things, such as mood, energy and even appetite. 

With interior design playing such a massive part in the overall experience that customers have at your bar or restaurant, considerations of which colour scheme you choose is very important.

The psychology of colour is complex, but knowing the basics can help you to shape the perfect environment for your customers.  So, let’s take a look at what you need to consider. 

Start with your  Brand Identity

It goes without saying that your brand identity should be a big influence your chosen interior colour scheme. 

The space, your logo, the food you serve and everything in between should all tie together. Your brand colours should he featured (or at least accented) throughout your restaurant. This will not only help the space feel more cohesive, but is important for strengthening your brand identity.

What’s the Concept Behind Your Restaurant?

Colour has a big impact on the mood and ambience of a space. The colours you choose should reflect the type of experience you want your customers to have. 

Bright colours are linked to increased appetite, whereas lighter colours are associated with more calming and serene spaces. Neither of these, however, would work if you’re creating a romantic, intimate space. 

Think about the experience you want to offer customers before deciding on your colour scheme as your choice will end up affecting the formality, cosiness, and energy of the restaurant.    

What Type of Food Are You Offering?

The interior colours you choose are all part of your brand, so they should be relevant to the cuisine. 

A restaurant’s menu items should go hand in hand with the interiors, to create a memorable experience solidify a brand. 

For example, healthy food restaurants might consider featuring natural earthy colours to reflect the ethos surrounding their brand. Use what you’re offerings to get one step closer to discovering the perfect colour scheme for your restaurant! 

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