Lighting In The Workplace

Lighting In The Workplace

Lighting in the workplace is an important factor for many reasons. Not only does it help to create an atmosphere and bring out the best of your interiors, it actually often contributes to health and safety regulation within a workplace. Different jobs require different levels of light, the more complex an activity and the more light the space requires. Studies have even shown that something as simple as being able to control the lighting in the workplace helps to increase job satisfaction and decrease workplace stress.

So it’s important to get your light, right. Here are our tips for lighting your workplace. 

Let LED lights, light up your life

As mentioned before, lighting in the workplace is a key factor when it comes to productivity levels – but the lighting in a workplace doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Why not combine the LED lighting, which allows a space to be bright, alongside some retro and stylish pendants to make the workplace feel more homely and on-trend?

Small Budget? Go back to basics

Big budgets aren’t needed to create the perfect, modern workspace with interesting light fixtures. Industrial style aesthetics are still very much on-trend, so take advantage of exposed areas and raw materials on offer. Similar hanging bulb pendants look chic and modern and don’t cost the earth. It’s the finishing touches that make the industrial style trend still relevant years on.

Be careful with warmth 

The right colour scheme can make or break a space, and you want to create a warm and welcoming interior whilst also maintaining a professional outlook. While yellow-toned bulbs can make a space more warm and welcoming, some colours and writing difficult to see it warm lighting, so make sure to decide carefully. The workplace should be a place where you feel comfortable but not too relaxed, because work still needs to be done.