Industrial Office Design Trend Tips

Industrial Office Design Trend Tips

Today’s industrial office design workplaces are undoubtedly visually appealing, functional, and more open than ever before. In a world of cookie-cutter cubicle designs, it’s refreshing to see the industrial office aesthetic rise to prominence. The new approach to workplace design that influences how we work today. It’s rough, yet refined. Soft industrial brings a chic, sophisticated overhaul to the raw appeal of industrial or loft-style spaces.

It does so by balancing the industrial cold materials with soft finishes connecting them harmoniously. Think sharp angles and blocky shapes, exposed brickwork teamed with soft cushioning and pale and pretty shades partnering with moody greys and blacks.

Walking on the fine line between order and chaos, opposites can come together to create both relaxing and modern office industrial spaces. If you’re heading down the industrial chic route, here are a few times on how to create this balance…

Straight lines and sharp edges are great teams with soft upholstery. The no-frills, utilitarian metal frameworks, and exposed woods look best next to soft acoustic paneling and accent seating. Balance the stark look of pipes and high ceilings with personal touches and a dash of color.

The Alti Chair’s hexagonal shape is ergonomically angled to provide a superior feel for the user. Its contours balance the graceful curves with the dramatic angles. Alti is a perfect choice for industrial offices and hospitality spaces where colour and fun is needed.

Proudly displaying the exposed raw materials is a key component of industrial style interior spaces. Utilising modern hanging planters and concrete effect desks as we did for Forever Agency, helped to accentuate the red brickwork perfectly. A dynamic and open plan space that’s fit for purpose for the team of creatives, this is an example of industrial chic working perfectly.

Forever Agency Interior

Are you looking for some great ideas to maximise your space and create a chic, industrial-inspired office space? Whether you are considering a complete office redesign or planning a fit-out or refurbishment, we’d love to help. Get in touch with the team today