Our Ikonic Showroom Launch

Our Ikonic Showroom Launch

On 1st August 2018 we were proud to finally open the doors to our brand new Ikonic showroom.

In the heart of Manchester city centre just beside the Spinningfields district, our incredible showroom resides inside the former Freemasons building Manchester Hall. The state-of-the-art space has a range of quirky themed rooms such as a sample library, log cabin, beach room and graffiti wall to name a few, and all designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Our open space has two floors of working areas which feature contrasting fabrics, textures and finishes, all designed to take visitors on a journey of interiors and experiences.

The beach room allows you to kick back and relax on deck chairs while surrounded by the scent of delicious Mai Tai cocktails. Imagine a tropical breeze and listen to the sound of lapping waves and you can almost believe you are in the Maldives… Almost.

Alternatively, you could settle down with a steaming mug of English tea in our lounge. Our plush leather seating (British-made by the way) and roaring fireplace will ensure your business meetings are a comfortable experience.

We aim for our showroom to be a hub for clients and colleagues, acting as a unique and creative space for all, and to be one of the coolest office spaces in Manchester.

The unique decor represents Ikon’s creative abilities and outlook on commercial furniture. There are no limits to the items that we create; all it takes is an idea.

KRIS is a family-run business and our team has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. We specialise in bespoke and commercial office furniture across the leisure and hospitality sectors and we are a preferred and exclusive supplier in the North West for for some of the industry’s leading furniture manufacturers.

If you wish to take a look at our showroom in the heart of Manchester, or have business enquiries, please contact our team on: info@krisassociates.co.uk