Creating an impressive office reception area

Creating an impressive office reception area

Want to create a reception area that sells your business and gives the perfect first impression? You should start to think of your office reception area as the face of your business – it’s one of the first things a visitor experiences, and will set the mood for their visit. 

The waiting area, lobby, reception – whatever you choose to call it – creates a lasting impression that can be hard to shake if you get it wrong. With this being the case, creating an area that advertises your business in the most positive light is essential. 

In this blog, we discuss what makes an office reception stand out (hint hint, it’s the furniture!)

Know your audience. 

If you run a creative agency, you’re going to want your reception area to look a little different to a corporate law firm. Your office reception furniture should mirror this in order to convey your brand message and to give your visitors confidence that your business is right for them. The way you decorate is an easy place to start, and furniture speaks a thousand words.

See here the result of The Victoria. We designed a new reception desk, booth seating & communal breakout areas for their reception space. We were commissioned by Seddon’s Construction to deliver the scheme from concept to completion. The result? A bright, bold and inspiring space!

Victoria Office Interior

Not got this much space to play around with? No worries, smaller offices are more and more commonplace in 2019, which means reception seating may need to be compact and agile – but don’t mistake this for cheap or boring! 

Simple and stylish seating as above is different and impressive, while still remaining comfortable and welcoming to your guests. Cheaping out on your reception area furniture isn’t an option – even if it is small!

Forever Agency Interior

Forever Agency injected their character into their lobby area with characterful pieces that show what they’re all about as an agency.

Are you struggling to repurpose your reception area? If you need some guidance, give the KRIS team a call today.