How to create a focal point using an armchair

How to create a focal point using an armchair

When you walk into a room, what’s the first thing you notice? Whatever it is, that is that room’s focal point. And if you want to make a statement and create a comfortable atmosphere at the same time, try using an armchair to make that strong first impression.

When it’s done properly, placing the perfect armchair in the perfect spot brings all other elements of the room together. So now you’ve chosen your piece, we’re going to talk about how to draw the eye without overwhelming it, and how to choose the right chair for any space.

Utilise colour

Of course, the biggest way to make an impact is by using colour. The strongest way to make an impression is by starting off with a neutral colour palette – that is, the room’s existing surroundings – as this works with pretty much all other shades under the rainbow. So when it does come for you to think about the hue of your accent chair, make sure you choose one that is bold and vibrant. It should pair perfectly with what you already have, but also not blend in to become just another part of the furniture, so to speak.

Black and grey are fantastic colours. They are strong and authoritative and go with every other colour out there. These neutral colours can tie the rest of your interior together and make it a great deal more attractive, without the need to go to much effort. Feel like going a step further? A black chair in a design that’s funky and unique will make a far greater statement.

Where’s your placement?

Next, we suggest you think about where your brand new focal point is going to go. After all, location is just as important in interior design as it is when shopping for a new home. We understand that it’s easiest to just want to tuck your chair into a corner; it’s neat and tidy, after all.

So why not position it somewhere in the middle of your chosen room? Or against the wall you would have chosen last? Decorate with a few complementary pieces of decor or small furniture bits around the chair like a tasteful side table to draw eyes to it even more.

Size does matter

Don’t underestimate the effect of going large. Bigger may not always be better, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use size to your advantage. The sheer size of a grand armchair immediately and automatically draws the eye straight to it; it’s a guaranteed focal point.

Don’t go overboard

When it comes to creating a focal point in any room, people tend to go one of two ways. They’re either too shy and don’t create enough of a statement, or they get carried away, which is incredibly easy to do. Because of this, don’t be tempted to go overboard – a room cannot have two focal points.

It’s important for the whole look and feel of your chosen room or office to blend and work together. It is possible for decor to both stand out and avoid clashing. Jarring aesthetics that pit focal point against focal point will distract those in the room rather than creating an enjoyable atmosphere.