5 Instagram Accounts for Interior Design you need to follow

5 Instagram Accounts for Interior Design you need to follow

Looking for inspiration? Hit the ‘gram. The fact you’re going DIY for this project is impressive and shows that you’ve got the dedication to really make this project your own. Design trends change, and sometimes at the drop of a hat. Whilst the cool kids in New York might be doing something incredibly quirky that looks great with stuff they’ve pinched off a building site it’s probably not practical for you because you’ll inevitably end up at B&Q spending much more than you intended to only to have your quirky design make you look like an idiot 6 months later.

Some trends are better than others, mainly because they’re contemporary and can be relied upon to be interchangeable and long-term rather than a quick fix. If you’re going to put the money into completely reshaping one or more rooms in your home then let’s be honest it needs to last and it needs to have the ability to be adaptable.

With that in mind we’re going to run through 5 Instagram accounts that are doing the business right now and will help you out with some inspiration.

5. @TimeOutHomes

Based in New York, funnily enough, this account posts some great content concentrating on sustainable trends and materials. They look at ideas ranging from boat interiors to cozy outdoor corners. Whilst their content isn’t likely to agree too kindly with your bank balance, if you’re looking for the wow factor then they’re definitely worth a follow.

4. @AllOfRenders

A following of 133k takes the time to check them out presumably for their minimalist styles and use of black and white colours. They run a group of accounts that also covers architecture, drawing and luxury holidays. It gives you an idea of the types of interior design ideas they like to promote, but if you’re looking to tick the trendy box then it’s worth hitting the follow button on this one.

3. @Suppus_Home

A blogger and writer, Superna Roy is a little different from the other accounts we’ve described above in that she posts content that you will almost certainly be able to afford. Based in Bangalore, she brings in some exotic charm as well as practical ideas. Giving you inspiration for making the most of smaller spaces with fresh thinking, she may well be able to inspire you.

2. @AshleyTStark

An ‘Instafamous’ person for good measure. Ashley is creative director of her own company and posts content around the designs she herself has made. Almost entirely unaffordable and mostly impractical, it’s still fun to dream so for breathtaking ideas and inspiration that you may be able to twist into something more affordable, it’s worth following.


An award winning interior designer, Laura is interested in designs and inspiration for people who don’t have an unlimited bank balance when it comes to freshening up their homes. She posts ideas that allow you to buy in focus pieces that can be found in the likes of home bargains and the pound shop, but constructed in a way that allows you to impress. Worth following now as she has just over 5k followers and is set to get much bigger in the future.