Soft Seating

“The purpose of a product is often as important as the design itself. This is especially the case with Yolo and its companion product, the more inclined Moss, both obvious takes on an archetype that naturally suggests ‘chill out’: the classic deckchair.”

Yolo is a witty, comfortable take on the classic deckchair. Yolo has a solid wood frame, with a deeply upholstered seat and back cushions that provide a refined level of comfort and a more upright position than the traditional lounge sit of its companion piece Moss.

The cushions are attached to the fully upholstered back, which connects onto the top and bottom structural rail like a traditional deckchair sling. The combination of fabric sling and cushions offers designers the choice of a single fabric or a two-tone combination. Both Yolo and Moss are available in oak.

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