Chairs / Soft Seating

You can only really test comfort levels once you’ve taken the first chair from the pre-manufactured tool, so you need to be confident of your study models. The expertise and considerable experience of our development workshops helped ensure that when the first example of the Bloom chair left the production line, it offered exactly the right balance between upright support and a degree of flexibility required by meeting/work armchairs.

Bloom is a new addition to the Smartworking landscape of products and the; younger sibling of the well-established Avi. While Avi offers a lounge sitting position, Bloom provides a more upright posture, for short-term, focused work.

Bloom provides an additional layer of comfort when it is specified with a dynamic tilting mechanism – available on the central column and four-star base only – allowing a gentle rocking movement. Bloom is manufactured in molded foam for a refined level of comfort and durability and is available with a central column with our standard metal finish options.

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